Natural Health Education
Natural Health Education

Get and stay well naturally 

You've probably heard about the advantages of fresh air, water, nutritious food, and exercise, but have you ever heard how these things affect your brain; or that there is more to water than just water; or have you learned how to have the most powerful, highpotency foods growing right in your own house for only pennies?

We are a group of natural health consultants who specialise in teaching clients how to recover from sickness and disease using only the simple agencies of nature that 
will not tax or debilitate the system

With simple lifestyle changes you can help prevent and even correct many common diseases. It is our goal to educate you on health principles and lifestyle changes so that you can know how to make good decisions, and continue to maintain your results - for life!

Health is a Science; knowledge is the key

Most people already know sound health principles but don't recognise the consequences of not making this knowledge a rule of life.

80% of people with diabetes die from hypertension-heart problems. Don't be part of this percentage. Learn simple lifestyle changes here that can reverse diabetes and many other diseases.

Did you know that:

• Only animal products contain harmful cholesterol.

• Sugar robs the nerves of B vitamins, and minerals leaving you nervous, irritable, and deficient of minerals needed.

• Sugar increases the blood fat levels and has a clogging effect on the body. Sugar plays a significant role in the build-up of cholesterol, which can block arteries

• Chocolate causes headaches, central nervous system irritation, general or localized itching, depression, and anxiety.

• Sugar weakens the white blood cells which furnish our main line of defense against invading germs.

• A high-fiber, low-fat diet helps prevent cancer, and a host of other illnesses and diseases.

Rest; your stomach needs it too!

Overtaxing the stomach is a common practice, and when too much food is used, the entire system is burdened. Life and vitality, instead of being increased, are decreased. This excess decays and becomes a putrid mass.... The system makes desperate efforts to dispose of it, and this extra work causes a tired, weary feeling. Some who are continually eating call this all-gone feeling hunger, but it is caused by the overworked condition of the digestive organs.

Sometimes the result of overeating is felt at once. In other cases there is no sensation of pain; but the digestive organs lose their vital force, and the foundation of physical strength is undermined.

The surplus food burdens the system, and produces morbid, feverish conditions. It calls an undue amount of blood to the stomach, causing the limbs and extremities to chill quickly. At times there is numbness of the brain, with disinclination to mental or physical effort.

Water; the best medicine in the world

Water, wisely applied, is a most powerful remedy. The external application of water is one of the easiest and most satisfactory ways of regulating the circulation of the blood. A cold or cool bath is an excellent tonic. Warm baths open the pores and thus aid in the elimination of impurities. Both warm and neutral baths soothe the nerves and equalize the circulation. 

Water can be used in many ways to relieve sickness. Drafts of clear, hot water taken before eating, will never do any harm, but will rather be productive of good.

When we don’t drink enough water, our body takes it from the blood, joints, liver, skin, brain, and wherever else it can find it. This is why not drinking enough pure water can be a trigger for high blood pressure, arthritis, dry skin, headaches, constipation, liver, and kidney problems.

Be careful not to drink water at the wrong times. Taken with meals, water diminishes the flow of the salivary glands; and the colder the water, the greater the injury to the stomach.

To learn more about the benefits of water, the safe amount to drink, and how to use it wisely; fill out the contact form below.


Drugs Never Cure Disease 

Fresh air, exercise, pure water, cleanliness, and a nutritious diet are within the reach of all with but little expense; but drugs are expensive, both in the outlay of means and in the deleterious effect produced upon the system.

Drugs never cure disease. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though it palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear, but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time." Dr. Daniel. H. Kress

Drug medications consists in employing, as remedies for disease, those things which produce disease in well persons. Medicine is only palliative, for back of disease lies the cause, and this cause no drug can reach. R.T. Trall, M.D.

The basic principles upon which modern medicine is based are twofold: poisoning and cutting. Two primary types of poisons are used: chemical poisoning and radiation poisoning. The other method is cutting. If something is wrong with an organ, instead of letting it heal, cut it out.


Drugs are Poisonous

Most, if not all, drugs carry harmful side-effects. 

Why would a patient swallow a poison because he is ill, or take that which would make a well man sick. Dr. L.F. Kebler

The person who takes medicine must recover
twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine. Dr. WIlliam Osler

Medical practice has neither
philosophy nor common sense to recommend it. In sickness the body is already loaded with impurities. By taking drug-medicines more impurities are added, thereby the case is further embarrassed and harder to cure. Dr. Elmer Lee, Academy of Med.

Every drug increases and complicates the patients condition. Robert Henderson, M.D.


Nature's Laws work in perfect harmony with your body

The natural laws of health are nature's only true remedies - this is because they are in perfect harmony with the living organism, your body. 


1. Exercise

Our bodies are designed for movement. Exercise leads to greater vitality, extra energy, and a longer life.

2. Nutrition 

What we put into our body can make the difference between sickness and health, stress and happiness. Getting good nutrition doesn't have to be complicated, but it can be delicious! 

3. Rest

The right quality and quantity of sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Rest is our bodies' natural way of refreshing and rejuvenating so that we can be at our best throughout the day.

4. Temperance

Knowing when to say "yes" and when to say "no" is a valued skill in all areas of life. Temperance allows for health and peace in mind, spirit, and body.

5. Air

Oxygen makes all processes of life possible. The mental and physical healing qualities of pure fresh air cannot be overestimated. 

6. Water

Water is an all-purpose cleanser both inside and outside the body. Hydration, health, and cleanliness all spring from this wonderful gift. 

7. Sunlight

Along with the catharsis and joy that clear skies can bring, sunlight has important health properties for the physical body as well. 

8. Trust

True health is not just physical, but also involves the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of a person. This is why we take a holistic approach when teaching our clients how to recover from disease. 


Natural Health Course


We use the most up to date scientific research in natural health, food, and disease, and then translate these results into practical guidlines to educate our clients about the best, scientifically proven, way to naturally recover from sickness and disease. 

We offer a number of health workshops, and short courses all in the comfort of your own home, teaching the practical application of 'Natural Health' (See below for details).
Our Natural Health course covers:

• The Science of Health 
(The Laws of Health) 

• Foods and Nutrition (How to maintain a healthy body & mind)

• How to reverse disease without drugs

• Hydrotherapy (How to use water effectively and safely)

• The safe use of sunlight

• How to cleanse and detoxify

• How to have beautiful skin naturally

• How to rest without stress

• How to look after your digestive organs (and make your skin glow!)

• How to exercise for health

• Natural Remedies

• Seven health factors for longevity

• The best diet for optimal health

• The dangers of overeating

• Avoiding certain food combinations

• The main causes of indegestion

• How to cure insomnia

• How to heal headaches naturally

• Disease, its cause, prevention and cure

• How to heal the whole person

The Science of Natural Health is a 5 day intensive course and costs £45 per day. This course can be taken in the comfort of your own home or within a group setting. Our courses are flexible and can be tailored to suit most needs.

Receive help today


Do you suffer from colds or stomach upsets? 
Do you have allergies, hayfever, or skin problems?
Do you ever feel chilly or have cold skin on any body part?
Do you have pain or discomfort in head, trunk or extremities?
Do you fall asleep when sitting still?
Do you ever feel depressed or gloomy?

We consult on the following conditions:

• Weight Management and Obesity 

• Eating Disorders - anorexia nervosa & bulimia

• Cardiovascular Health - heart disease, high cholesterol & high blood pressure

• Renal or Liver disease

• Diabetes

• Gastrointestinal Disorders - irritable bowel symptoms’ & inflammatory bowel disease

• Bone and Joint Conditions

• Cancer

• Food Allergies and Intolerances - coeliac disease, milk, egg, wheat, soya allergies & intolerances

• Vegetarian Diets

• Nutritional Deficiencies

• Women’s Health - pregnancy, pre-conception, maternal diet, gestational diabetes & menopause.

• Sports Nutrition


• Infant Nutrition - premature babies, fussy eaters, weaning, reflux, infant colic, diarrhoea, constipation breast or bottle feeding advice

• Teenage Nutrition

• School Age Nutrition

• Faltering Growth

• Weight Management & Obesity

• Food Allergies & Intolerances

• Nutritional Deficiencies

• Gastrointestinal Disorders - diarrhoea & constipation

• Diabetes

• Children with Learning Disabilities

• Children with Neuro Disabilites

• Eating Disorders


PRICE: £45 per person






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Natural Health Education