Life180 Health Lectures Impact Residents

The importance of follow-up cannot be emphasised enough for members of the small Irvine church family. During the Commonwealth Games in Scotland last summer, the Irvine church, under the banner, 'Common-Health and Well-being', held a health expo in the centre of town.

This 'Expo' was well received by the public and, as a follow-up programme for those who showed more than a passing interest, a four-night series of Health Seminars was conducted in the local church. This attracted both an audience and more interest during the week starting Monday, 19 January. 

Invitations were sent out and poster adverts were displayed in the locality and people came to hear good advice about how to take better care of themselves. That advice was expertly and lovingly given by Life180's Winston and Jacqueline Brown. 

Interest was expressed in knowing of any future programmes and many nice new friendships were made.